The BEST Whey Protein Isolate

So you came here looking for the Best Whey Protein Isolate, but we have a bit of a problem – we’re not sure what you’re really looking for!

So let’s break it down by your goals and requirements and then send you to the right product recommendation:

Quick Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any supplement manufacturer in any fashion whatsoever. This allows us to be impartial, honest, and recommend multiple brands for different purposes below.

What Do You Look For in the Best Whey Protein Isolate?

  • Quality – I’m looking for the most perfect whey protein isolate you can find me. It may cost a bit more, but I’m willing to pay that – I want ultra filtration so I don’t deal with any impurities, and that will make it taste better too. If this describes what you’re looking for, go to our Quality section.

    The Quality section is especially important for people who have just had weight loss surgery (such as gastric bypass surgery), are extremely ill, or simply have a finicky stomach or digestion issues and don’t want to chance it. We will recommend products that require minimal work on your digestive tract.

  • Gain Weight / Get Big – This won’t be for everyone here, but there’s a few of us who DO want to gain weight and love adding tons of carbs, fats, and whatever else we can find into our shakes — but we still can’t handle low-quality whey protein concentrates! Well, there’s a solution to that in our WEIGHTGAIN section.

  • Value – I want the most whey isolate for the buck. It’s gotta taste good, but I don’t need my mind to be blown – just show me where I can get a reasonably high quality protein with no nonsense added – I want the most “protein per dollar”. If this is you, then click here to go to the best value section.

  • Taste – Value and even carbohydrates be damned – I am here for the best TASTING whey protein isolate. A few additives won’t kill me, so long as they make my tongue happy. Sound like you? Then check out our Taste section, where we cover the chocolately/vanilla tastes as well as the awesomely yet different fruity tastes.

  • Convenience – I’m on the run all the time, and don’t always want to make a messy drink, or simply need something to travel with. I like ready-to-drink (RTD) bottles for this purpose.

    I may also need meal replacements powders (MRPs) that are based upon whey protein isolate and have no low quality substances inside. If this describes you, go to our Convenience section.

As a sidenote, we’re going to assume most people are here because they need high quality isolates and no nasty whey concentrates, and that most people want to lose weight or stay lean and don’t need extra carb loads (except for you weight gainers of course!)

So here we go:

Highest Quality Whey Isolate – Proto Whey

Proto Whey is the end-all, be-all AAA-rated whey protein isolate product. In fact, it’s not just a whey protein isolate – it is hydrolyzed whey protein isolate.

Proto Whey’s extremely small protein molecules are literally 18x smaller than the proteins from every other product on this site (1000 Daltons vs. 18,000 Daltons).

This means that they can be completely absorbed because the intestinal wall allows them to pass through thanks to their small size. Since these small proteins get into your bloodstream via the small intestine, they get to work right away and require minimal effort on your digestive system.

This means that you’ll get all of these benefits:

  • Nearly 100% absorption rates with minimal effort – hugely important if you are having weight loss surgery, have an immune system disease, suffer from diabetes, are elderly, or your stomach simply has difficulty processing protein (many vegetarians and vegans should consider this).
  • The fastest digestion ever – for bodybuilders and competitive athletes who don’t want to waste a SINGLE second of muscle-building post-workout
  • No gas or bloating – These horrible side effects come from byproducts of incomplete protein digestion. Not a problem with Proto Whey.
  • Better value – Even though it’s a bit more expensive, you’re not going to waste money due to undigested protein
  • Yet it still tastes great!

Proto Whey is simply an all-around amazing product, no matter who you are – but the best benefits are for anyone listed above.

You can read more by clicking our Proto Whey link.

Note: Softpsil fiber and MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) are added to Proto Whey for even further intestinal health and energy.

Best Isolate for Gaining Weight – Isopure Mass

Isopure Mass

We’re not here to put you on a diet, but if you want to gain weight, you need to know your caloric expenditure and start adding calories beyond that. But you need to gain CLEAN weight, so you need a well-rounded diet of healthy, natural fats (saturated fat is good), protein, and clean carbs. Fruits and leafy, colorful vegetables included. Beyond that, it’s time to start talking supplements!

The problem is, weight gainer supplements are typically loaded with AWFUL quality proteins! Whey protein concentrate that we can’t handle? SOY protein? We don’t want this crap in our weightgainers!

So while ANY of the protein sources listed on this page are great, we want an isolate-based weight gainer that also has some fats and carbs and is great to toss down once a day. And if you want a weight gainer with high quality protein, then it’s gotta be Isopure Mass. This one by far leads the pack here, since it uses ion-exchange whey protein isolate as its foundation, then includes BCAA’s, glutamine, and other essential nutrients.

Isopure Mass is great for anyone wanting to aggressively gain muscle. Packed with BCAA’s, 350 calories, 55g of protein, 80g of carbs, with only 3g of sugar per serving. Isopure Mass is a great product and the whey isolate makes it worth the price (or you can fart all day with lower quality gainers – that’s up to you)… When compared to cheaper products made with whey blends, concentrate, or soy protein – Isopure Mass is easily the best whey protein isolate on the market for hard-gainers.

Again, real food — and working out hard and lifting heavy weights with compound lifts — is most important. But slamming one of these every day sure as hell won’t hurt your goals in gaining weight.

Click here to read more about Isopure Mass, or Buy it from the Best-Priced Store Here

Another one to consider is the “Original” Isopure MRP, which is a meal replacement powder that gives your body exactly what it needs in terms of: calories, protein, and carbs – without unnecessary extras like high-fructose corn syrup. Each serving gives you: 300 calories, 50g of protein, and 25g of carbs. Great for people who need protein, but don’t want a lot of carbs in their diet. If interested in that, Click here to buy Isopure Original from the Best-Priced Store Here

Best Value Whey Protein Isolate – IsoFuel vs Muscle Gauge

IsoFuel – #1 Value (When it’s in Stock!)

In terms of the best value out there, you won’t find a better “bang for your buck” than IsoFuel – it’s created for athletes who just want the protein, along with a quality amino acid profile. This low-calorie cocktail gives you a little over 100 calories, 24g of protein, 0 carbs, 19 flavors, and glutamine (for absorption).

IsoFuel whey isolate powder gives you the best protein-per-gram ratio on the market – second only to Isopure (see below.) There are also a ton of unique and new flavors – even blueberry is kind of cool (although I’d stick with the 2 lb tub on any risky endeavors – read their reviews). This is Muscle and Strength’s house brand and can’t be found anywhere else.

Click here to read more about IsoFuel, or Buy it from the Cheapest Store Here

Muscle Gauge Nutrition Pure Whey Protein Isolate

The Best Whey Protein Isolate

If you’re in a pinch, or IsoFuel is sold out: Muscle Gauge Nutrition offers an affordable whey protein isolate powder with an identical nutrient profile to IsoFuel. The main reason IsoFuel is better is because it gives you more servings per container. For example: At the same price, a 5lb pail of IsoFuel whey isolate drink will give you 80 servings, compared to 76 servings in a 5lb pail of Muscle Gauge.

We love this stuff for the value. Chocolate, chocolate caramel, vanilla caramel, and rocky road are staples here. They taste great – not the best, but still great – and the value rocks. So what we’re thinking is this – if you want something unique or fruity, go with IsoFuel. If you want something more on the chocolatey end and are ok losing those last 4 servings in a 5lb tub… Muscle Gauge Pure Isolate is the way to go.

Click here to read more about IsoFuel, or Buy it from the Best-Priced Store Here

Best Tasting Whey Protein Isolate – Cellucor Super Sport

Honestly, all of the products on this page taste great. We wouldn’t list them here if they didn’t have some killer flavors.

This section is broken into the following two sections – “chocolately” and “fruity”

Best Taste – Chocolate/Vanilla – Cellucor Super Sport

But if you want to get your socks knocked off by an isolate, it’s gotta be Muscleology’s Cellucor Super Sport. Good Lord.. chocolate… you would think that there’s no way this is a healthy shake, but it is!!! Not only does it taste great, but the ingredient profile is high quality too. There’s incredible amino acid support, and the digestive enzymes let your body use and cleanly handle nearly all of it too.

So if you want to try something completely new from a smaller, more innovative company that we long predicted to be the next big thing in nutrition, look to Cellucor with Super Sport. We can’t say enough good things about these guys and owe tips to whoever made this flavor system. No joke.

Click here to read more about Super Sport or Buy it from the Best-Priced Store Here

Best Taste – Fruity – Syntrax Nectar

Syntrax Nectar is very cool because they took the market and flipped it upside-down, with some really cool flavors like fuzzy navel! When’s the last time you had a fuzzy navel protein shake? Now’s your chance.

Their strawberry kiwi flavor is an extremely refreshing, fruity-flavored whey isolate drink. Other flavors include: apple ecstasy, caribbean cooler, fuzzy navel, twisted cherry, and more. If we were judging purely on taste: Syntrax won’t let you down on taste, but you will pay a little more.

With Nectar, Syntrax sticks to what they’re good at – fruit-flavorings. This product line doesn’t even have a chocolate. After all, nectar is all about fruit anyway!

Click here to read more about Nectar, or Buy it from the Best-Priced Store Here

Most Convenient Whey Protein Isolate – Isopure RTDs and MRPs

Two reasons you need some convenience: on-the-run bottles of protein pre-mixed for you, or a complete meal replacement. Either way, the Isopure family’s got you covered. Let’s dig into each story below:

Isopure Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Protein

Isopure Drink

Some of us are too busy to be bothered mixing our protein, or need a premix to carry with us on the go. Isopure has premixed whey isolate drinks, teas, and smoothies – they taste perfect and have zero carbs. It’s amazing that any company can put a protein shake on the shelf that doesn’t taste like protein, but they really are enjoyable to drink.

Each comes with 40g of protein per bottle and 20 bottles per case. Even cooler is that Isopure Tea is made with real green and black tea and has 50mg of caffeine per serving – a perfect little boost but nothing over the top.

And like we said above, they are CLEAR, because the protein is such ridiculously high quality.

To break it down further, take a look at the table below that shows the Isopure RTDs:

ProductGoals / Typical UseBuy

Isopure Drink

Build Lean Muscle / Burn Fat / Lose Weight

These taste phenomenal!! Use post-workout or anytime you need a convenient, extra kick of protein.

Lowest Price

Isopure Plus

Medical Recovery / Burn Fat (if using Zero-Carb)

RTDs typically marketed towards the medical community and older customers, although anyone can enjoy the benefits.

Note: Due to the high amount of maltodextrin in Isopure Plus, we only recommend Zero Carb Isopure Plus to all customers

Lowest Price

Isopure Smoothie

Gain Weight / Build Muscle Mass

These review extremely high in the taste department, and are great for post-workout protein + sugars

Lowest Price

Isopure Tea

Build Lean Muscle / Burn Fat / Lose Weight / Gain Energy

This uses real green or black tea with 50mg caffeine so that you can keep your lean muscle and get some energy out of it too!

Lowest Price

Isopure Meal-Replacement Protein Powders for Convenience

Isopure Low Carb

Don’t come to rely on these MRPs, or meal replacement powders. Real food, including lots of VEGETABLES, is most important. These powders don’t have all of the micro-nutrients and “phytonutrients” that real food like colorful, leafy veggies have.

But if you use a few of these per week, that’s great. We can’t be making salads all the time and sometimes you just need some calories, proteins, and a few carbs. This is for those occasions when you’re hungry between meals and you don’t want your brain and body to eat your muscles up when they need some amino acids (this muscle-breakdown is known as catabolism and taking an MRP instead of starving is a way to avoid it)…

Once again, another table:

ProductType of ProductGoals / Typical UseBuy

Isopure Low Carb

Meal Replacement Powder

Build Lean Muscle

Best used as a meal replacement when time is limited on the run. We like this better than the original version.

Lowest Price

Isopure “Original”

Meal Replacement Powder

Gain Weight / Build Muscle Mass

Best used as a meal replacement when time is limited on the run.

Note: There are 25g of carbs from maltodextrin in each serving here – not our favorite ingredient for fat-burn. If going for weight-loss, try Zero Carb Isopure or Isopure Low-Carb instead.

Lowest Price

Isopure Mass

Weight Gainer

Build Muscle / Gain Weight

High-quality mass gainer for bulking with whey isolate protein only. Add one per day to diet.

Lowest Price

Those links should cover you. When in doubt, Isopure Drink (for RTDs) and Isopure Low Carb (for MRPs) are the way to shoot.

More about Whey Protein

There’s a wide array of protein supplements obtainable, yet the advertising conducted by the whey manufacturing institutions has only added more confusion in the mix. With whey protein isolates, there’s often not a lot of difference apart from flavoring, additives, and prices. The method of choosing the supplement should be based upon the product’s quality (the reputation of the manufacturer) as well as the cost you’re ready to pay.

What is the Best Whey Protein Isolate on the Market?

There is a lot of talk happening in the bodybuilding community, trying to decide who makes the best whey protein isolate drink on the market. We all know that most opinions are based on personal taste and that can make it difficult to make a final decision. All personal tastes aside: whey protein isolate benefits your body in ways that cheaper protein supplements can’t.

Why We Need Protein…

Protein is the foundation for any good muscle-building, or toning routine. Without it, your body will be left in a catabolic state – feeding off of your precious muscle just to make it through the day!

Bodybuilders today have no excuse to leave their body wanting more: You need to supplement your workouts with the purest ion-exchange whey protein isolate drink money can buy, to get maximum nourishment to your hungry muscles.

What Makes the Best Whey Isolate Better?

Whey is the purest form of protein you can take into your body. Whey isolate powders are made from dairy products, using a scientific process to extract the pure protein molecules from fat and lactose. This gives the consumer a product that’s 90 percent protein – or more. This is what makes whey isolate good for you… you get maximum protein to your hungry muscles.

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      Anyway, what you’re looking for is something with NO carbs, NO fat. Pure protein. I’d go with Syntrax Nectar, Zero Carb Isopure (non chocolate), or Perfect Isopure if you want to get super silly (it has absolutely nothing added but the protein).

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